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  Prescription Plan

Employees enrolled in the RCAB Health Plan automatically receive prescription drug coverage administered by CVS/Caremark. 

The following chart shows prescription drug benefits at a glance. For more information, please call the RCAB Benefits Administration Office at (617) 746-5641 or the dedicated CVS/Caremark RCAB Health Plan Service Hotline at (877) 430-8633. Visit www.caremark.com for more information.

Maintenance Choice®
If you take a long-term medication (one you take regularly for chronic conditions or long-term therapy) – such as medications for managing high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes or high cholesterol – you can choose to receive your 90-day supply by mail or by pick-up at a CVS/Pharmacy near you for a reduced co-pay.

The chart below shows your co-pay for each option.

  CVS/Caremark Retail Pharmacy Network
For short-term medications (up to a 30-day supply)
Maintenance Choice CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy or CVS/pharmacy
For long-term medications (up to a 90-day supply)
Generic Medications
Ask your doctor or other prescriber if there is a generic available, as these generally cost less.
$10 for a generic prescription $20 for a generic prescription
Preferred Brand-Name Medications
If a generic is not available or appropriate, ask your doctor or healthcare provider to prescribe from your plan’s preferred drug list.
$30 for a preferred brand-name prescription
$60 for a preferred brand-name prescription

Non-Preferred Brand-Name Medications
You will pay the most for medications not on your plan’s preferred drug list

$45 for a non-preferred brand-name prescription $90 for a non-preferred brand-name prescription
Refill Limit One initial fill plus two refills for long-term medications. (After 3 fills, 2 retail copays
apply for each 30-day supply at retail)

30-day Fill Limit for Long-Term Medications
Effective October 1, 2010, you will be allowed three 30-day fills of long-term medications at a regular co-pay with any pharmacy in our network. If you continue to receive 30-day fills after that point, you will pay a higher co-pay equal to double the normal 30-day co-pay for each refill after the third. For example, if you refill a 30-day supply of a preferred brand prescription more than three times at a pharmacy other than a CVS/pharmacy, the fourth fill will result in a co-pay of $60 for a 30-day supply (or double the normal cost of a 30-day supply). As with Maintenance Choice, you can avoid paying more for your long-term medications(s) by having 90-day supplies filled through mail service or at a CVS/pharmacy.


Find a Doctor
"Preferred Provider" physicians are In-Network providers and have lower co-pays.
Find a Pharmacy
to refill your prescription drugs.
Waive Health Plan Coverage

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You have a reduced copay at MinuteClinic, where you can get affordable and skilled medical care, 7 days a week, at selected CVS locations. No appointment is necessary, and most visits take about 15 minutes, compared to an average ER visit of more than four hours.

For a location near you, visit: www.minuteclinic.com
or call 866.389.ASAP(2727).

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