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  Participants with Vested Benefits

Each year, RCAB Pension Plan participants who have left employment in the prior 12 months or who are actively working and who turn age 55 and/or who have vested in the RCAB Pension Plan in the prior 12 months, will be offered a one-time, voluntary option to receive payment of vested Pension Plan benefits as either a lump sum distribution or an in-service or early annuity. Participants who waive one of these options will remain eligible to collect monthly payments from the RCAB Pension Plan upon turning age 55 and/or upon retirement from active employment with a participating employer. The following are informational documents on this topic:

The voluntary lump sum/annuity election processes may be suspended and/or the conditions under which they are offered may be amended by the Trustees of the Pension Plan at any time in the future.

To request an estimate of your RCAB Pension Plan benefit, please complete the Request for Pension Estimate form and send to the Benefits Office as noted on the bottom of the form.

For questions on your Pension Plan benefit or to commence monthly payments (please provide at least three months' notice), please contact 617-746-5640 or benefits@rcab.org.



The 2020 election period is March 31 - June 1, 2020.

Register for the Spring 2020 Pension Plan Information Meeting.


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